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Amazon Patent and Trademark Infringement

Does your company sell or intends to sell products on Amazon? Are you worried that Amazon knockoffs are stealing your business? Or, maybe,…
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Onyx Sues Volkswagen for Trademark Infringement Over “ID” Brand Lawsuit alleges Volkswagen’s new branded line infringes on Onyx’s online platform name

Attorneys in Denver have filed a complaint in New Jersey federal court against Volkswagen, on behalf of e-commerce company  Onyx Enterprises International alleging…
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Second Circuit Vacates Trademark Infringement Holding Against Costco For Use of the Term ‘Tiffany’

“The Circuit Court … concluded that Costco’s evidence presented a ‘genuine question as to the likelihood of customer confusion’ because Costco provided evidence…
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Australia’s Sportsbet files trademark infringement suit v. Sportsbetting.com.au – CalvinAyre.com

Australian online sports betting operator Sportsbet is once again suing a rival operator for daring to combine the words ‘sports’ and ‘betting’ in their brand.…
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